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Atlanta Contractual Interference Attorney

The claim of interference with contractual relations allows a plaintiff to recover damages when a party interferes with the contractual rights of another. To have an intentional interference with contractual relations claim you must prove:

  • (1) the existence of a valid contract between the plaintiff and a third party;
  • (2) defendant’s knowledge of this contract;
  • (3) defendant’s intentional acts designed to induce the third party to breach its contract with you;
  • (4) actual breach or disruption of the contractual relationship; and
  • (5) resulting damage.

For example, Company A, has an exclusive contract to sell widgets for Company B in Georgia for 5 years. Company C knows about Company A’s exclusive contract to sell widgets in Georgia for Company B. Despite this knowledge, Company C solicits Company B to breach its contract with Company A and enter a contract with them. Here, Company A could sue Company B for breach of Contract and Company C for Interference with Contractual Relations. (Note: If Company C solicited the business after the termination of the 5 year contract there would be no claim.)

Atlanta Attorney J. Stephen Mixon has extensive experience in representing parties with claims for interference with contractual relations, and can serve clients with cases throughout Georgia.


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