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Fraudulent misrepresentation, business fraud, or just fraud and/or deceit claims are an area of concentration for Atlanta Attorney J. Stephen Mixon of Millar and Mixon, LLC. Generally, these claims are brought to protect a client’s economic interests and/or their rights to fair and honest treatment. For a fraudulent misrepresentation case or business fraud claim to exist, a plaintiff must establish all of the following:

  • 1) that the defendant intentionally misrepresented a material fact,
  • 2) the plaintiff relied on and was harmed by the misrepresentation, and
  • 3) the Plaintiff has damages as a result of the misrepresentation.

For example, if a person wants to sell their business and they provide you a materially misleading financial statement and you rely on those statements and it results in your agreement to purchase the business or your agreement to pay more than you would have for the business, then you have a fraud claim against the seller. A fraud or deceit claim may also arise from the failure to disclose a material fact to you during the sale. For example, if you purchased a business and after purchasing the business you found out that the seller had failed to tell you about a lawsuit against the business.

Atlanta Attorney J. Stephen Mixon, Esq. of Millar and Mixon, LLC has extensive experience in representing victims of business fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation, and deceit all over Georgia. If you think you have this type of case please call Mr. Mixon for a free initial consultation.


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