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Employment Law October 21, 2015

Did you know that most employers are required to pay overtime?

Did you know that most employers are required to pay overtime? There is a federal law that mandates overtime pay for most employees who work more than 40 hours per week. Employer subject to the federal law have to pay time and a half when an hourly employee works more than 40 hours per week. […]

Employment Law October 2, 2015

My employer is refusing to pay me overtime. Should I just quit my job?

It is understandable to be frustrated by an employer who refuses to follow federal law. While quitting may let you look for another job, there is no guarantee that another job is waiting. Rather than create a financial issue by quitting your job, talk to an attorney. You could be entitled to unpaid overtime, damages, […]

Employment Law May 3, 2012

Is My Case Worth Pursuing?

If you have evidence of some form of unlawful discrimination, in deciding whether to pursue the case, you should consider what is at stake for you? Pursing your case may worthwhile for you if you were/are: fired, suspended, laid off in a reduction in force, being transferred or demoted, suffering a significant pay cut, and […]

Employment Law April 11, 2012

I already lost my job. What should I do?

Know Your Options. Covering Your Bases Legally 1. Meet with an attorney to review your termination or severance package. Many employees have claims of which they are unaware such as entitlement to overtime or back wages. Talk to our attorneys about the options available to you. Contact Our Employment Lawyers. 2. If you are offered […]

Employment Law March 16, 2012

Unemployment Preparation Checklist

I fear I may lose my job. What should I do? Be Prepared. Covering Your Bases Legally Gather your co-workers’ contact information, especially if they might be a witness. Make copies of any documents within your personal access showing your work performance. Collect all work related documents, such as paychecks and time sheets. Make a […]