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AT&T to pay Muslim woman $5M in harassment case

A Jackson County, Missouri jury has awarded Susann Bashir, a Muslim and former Kansas City resident 5 million dollars after she was harassed for years at her IT job at AT&T. The punitive damages award is the largest jury verdict in Missouri history for workplace discrimination. After complaining about harassment after converting to Islam for […]

Calculating the Time Limits

For employee working for private companies, union, or state and local governments, you have 180 calendar days (less than 6 months) from the last date of the discrimination or retaliation to file a charge of discrimination with the EEOC. Simply contacting the EEOC is not the same as actually filing a charge. However, an attorney […]

Employment Law May 3, 2012

Is My Case Worth Pursuing?

If you have evidence of some form of unlawful discrimination, in deciding whether to pursue the case, you should consider what is at stake for you? Pursing your case may worthwhile for you if you were/are: fired, suspended, laid off in a reduction in force, being transferred or demoted, suffering a significant pay cut, and […]